Products I have backups of… (Hoarder alert!)


So, I may have a problem…

I am a creature of habit, and once I have found something that I like and that works for me, I don’t ever want to change it. Ok, I admit, it may partly be because I am lazy and don’t want to make the effort of looking for something new. This relates not only to makeup or skincare, but also goes for clothes (I have backups of good fitting pairs of jeans and shoes) and food. #hoarder

Here are a few beauty bits that I have backups of and have developed separation anxiety towards (exaggerating, ofcourse…or am I?):

ByTerry Ombre Blackstar in Bronze Moon. This is the most amazing, luxurious, yet easy to use eyeshadow crayon stick I have used. It is long lasting, easy to blend, and very precise to apply. Currently using my backup because my original melted in my makeup bag. THANKS DUBAI SUMMER. ByTerry products are available at Sephora in Dubai, but Bronze Moon is always out of stock.

Dior Skin Nude BB Cream: I use this daily (in Fair 002), on top of my moisturizer, with some concealer on top. Although I still have about 20% in my current tube, I went ahead and purchased a backup – just incase, uhum. Dior is available across a lot of stores in Dubai; Sephora sells this for AED230, but I usually pick it up at the Duty Free for AED190.

Tarte CC Undereye Corrector: I LOVE THIS STUFF. Correctors are usually layered under concealers, and just “correct” (duh!) the discolouration under the eyes from dark circles. Since this product is not available in Dubai, I am even more obsessive about having a backup in place, accounting for shipping times (and a few extra months!).

Charlotte Tilbury Rock n’ Kohl Iconic Liquid Eye Pencil in Barbella Brown Again, a daily must-have for me, this is the perfect everyday eyeliner (waterline and lid), long lasting, soft enough on the eye and the perfect brown colour. Did I say perfect enough times? Separate post coming up on this one soon.

Other products I have extras of are cleansers from Kiehl’s, John Freida hair serum and more. General rule – if it is a daily essential, limited edition product, or not found in Dubai, I will buy two (atleast). NO JUDGING!

Can someone tell me I am not totally crazy? Do you have any such backups? x


    • Thanks Zaynah! I know – i LOVE the Dior foundation but I am trying (and failing) to follow the one-in-one-out thing with foundation now. Will get around to buying it on one of the 20% off VIB sales maybe.

      Thanks for the hair serum recommendation. I’ll check it out!

      Don’t give me too many ideas, or you’ll be carrying back stuff for me on your next visit to Dubai 😀


  1. LOL I know what you mean – I went on a foundation frenzy and now have three different kinds!

    Don’t worry, if it involves me going out for makeup shopping I’ll definitely bring you back stuff! 😀


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