Spotted: H&M Beauty Department in Dubai

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H&M has recently gone all-out in the UK and introduced its Beauty Department, with makeup, body range and more. Generally, the response towards the products has been very positive.

Incidentally, I passed through three H&M stores (may or may not have bought three tops. ssshh!) and realized that the makeup was available here too. The products look impressive, but presentation is not so great (yet!). I did not buy anything yet because I was short on time (and the tester issue, below), but here are some initial thoughts.

  • Pros:
    – Wide variety of products including foundations, concealers, lipsticks, eyeshadows, brow kits, blushes, bronzers, nail colour, and tools/bags
    – Concealers and tools priced reasonably at around AED29 ($8)
    – Eyeshadow pallets were small, and lipsticks and eyeshadows are a little pricey at AED49 to AED69 ($18)
    – The packaging on the blushes is nice and sleek; resembles Tom Ford makeup
    – The ‘Precision Sponge’ looks suspiciously like a Beauty Blender and if it works well, it is a very good alternate for one third the price (AED25 I think. $7)

– Inconsistent displays and product selection across stores here in Dubai. One store did not have concealers, the other did not have foundation, or the cheek/eye trio gift set
– No testers available at some outlets, and missing / mixed up testers at other locations. This may tend to confuse/put off shoppers or first-time buyers like myself. PLUS, given what a neat-freak I am, the jumbled and out-of-place testers were giving me the creeps.
– None of the body range is available here yet – lotions, shower gels, etc.

Have you tried the H&M makeup? Do share your thoughts! x

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