My visit to Hershesons Hairdressers, London

You know how it goes with hair, right?
Your hair has a mind of its own, you hate it and can’t wait for a haircut > You Google images of the haircut you want for days > On D-day (the day you are going for your cut), your hair decides to behave, and you have second thoughts > You get the haircut, absolutely love it > Wash it, can’t decide if you love it or hate it, but get used to it > Welcome Day 15, and it looks exactly like it did before the cut.

Well, at least that’s how it goes with me. I have very fine, silky hair, and they don’t hold a curl (or any style) for more than 2 hours. I’ve tried numerous hairdressers here in Dubai, from budget options to ridiculously overpriced ones, and none really seemed to make much of a difference. Long story short, I had come across a lot of beauty bloggers in the UK rave about Hershesons, and since I was visiting London in August, and badly needed a haircut, I decided to give it a go. I wanted to wait a while before writing a review to see how the hair grows out.

First Impressions (Booking)
For me, the first impressions started when I visited the website. It claims that the “luxurious spa-like salon offers customers an individual and tailored experience as well as the brand’s extensive range of products, tools and accessories”, and spoiler alert: I think that’s all true.

The process of booking an appointment online was very simple and easy to figure out. Especially since I was booking it from Dubai, I was skeptical about whether or not it went through, and whether it would accept my international number, yada yada, but it did, and I got a confirmation e-mail within a few hours. I even made a slight change the next day, and there was no issue.


Appointment Day
I visited the Harvey Nichols branch in Knightsbridge, and I was about 15 minutes early to the appointment. I had a few shopping bags with me and as soon as I entered, they were taken to the cloak room (thank God!). The cucumber water was soothing (and spa-like) in the London heat, and I was also given the gown while I waited. I used the time to take some shameless “before” selfies and also of the ambience in general.

I was greeted by my hair expert, Katherine, right on time. We had a quick chat about what I thought about my hair, and what I wanted to get done, and then I was ushered to the shampoo stations (my favourite part!). BTW – they had the fanciest chairs in the shampoo area, with electronics controls for recline and height adjustment, etc.

Katherine took her time to cut my hair – a good 30-35 minutes, and maintained the right amount of conversation through out. At the end of it, she offered to teach me how to use the curling iron to style my hair at home, and while she talked me through the products she was using, she did not try to push the products on to me, which is always a plus! Here’s a  before/after:


All hairdressers claim this, but for the first time, I feel like I have a haircut that i REALLY do not need to style. FOR REAL. Even 2 months down, on weekends I just let my hair air dry, or just quickly toss it dry with a hairdryer – no straighteners, no curling irons. It looks healthy (on most days) and the layers still show up.

Just don’t ask me how much it cost. Don’t make me say it. Let’s just say prices for haircuts START at GBP75.

Love the look and feel of the salon, the staff was extremely friendly and professional. I definitely think the cut was worth the price, if only for the experience and tips. I only went in for a Cut, but I’m sure the other services are just as good.
My only qualm with the place would be with the cleanliness; maybe we are just too spoilt here in Dubai, but I was a little put off by all the hair on the counter tops and floor at the different stations. Usually these are swept away immediately after a client is done.

P.S. There was a middle-aged lady sitting in the seat next to me, and she comfortably ordered a salad with bacon and a diet coke, and was chatting with one of the senior hair dressers about her husband and life in general and just looked so at home. There’s obviously a loyal fan base there.

I wouldn’t obviously fly to London just to get my hair cut (or would I?), so here’s hoping that Hershesons plans a Dubai outlet soon, since they have already launched their products here at Sephora!


  1. Why did you do this to me?…I want to travel all the way to London for a hair cut now…can you recommend some place in Dubai too, do they have a branch here.

    Great hair cut btw…😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Mehak. They do not have a branch here yet. I like HairWorks here in Dubai (they have a lot of branches) for a trim, and for a haircut I like Jawed Habib near Burjuman. I find myself going back to them again and again for the last 4-5 years. Your hair grows out really nicely after their cut


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