Favourite Beauty videos recently

This “strategist by day, beauty blogger by night” routine has not been working out for me recently. Work has been keeping me so busy, that I don’t even know what the weather is like outside for the last two weeks (sad and unhealthy, I know).
Lots of new posts in the pipeline – setting powders, some brand focus reviews, primers, and more, but for now, I thought I would share some of my favourite and most useful beauty videos I have watched recently.

A lot of my beauty/makeup learning and shopping is enabled by youtube beauty experts. Some of my favourite pro makeup artists are Wayne Goss (hilarious, inappropriate, sarcastic and excellent at what he does),  Lisa Eldridge (super chic! queen of spot concealing, and also has the most soothing voice…) and Pixiwoo (sister duo and creators of Real Techniques brushes). I do follows loads of other youtube beauty channels as well but the reason these are in my top 3 are because the videos are to the point, yet fun, and contain very useful everyday tips.

So here are my favourite videos:

  1. Lisa Eldridge’s 5 Minute Makeup Look

2. Lisa Eldrige’s Universally Chic Makeup Look Tutorial

3. Wayne Goss’s Lazy Girl’s Foundation Routine
Bonus: He mentions other techniques like the 2-finger blush rule, and Halo technique in here too

4. This Anti-Aging Facelift Massage
P.S. I saw a Clarins expert using similar techniques on one of the models as well before makeup to depuff the eyes and cleanse the skin

Let me know if you have seen any fun new beauty videos recently! x

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