Brand Review: KIKO Cosmetics (Milano)

Do you love makeup? But do you also love good value for money or cringe when spending $50 on a lipstick? Are you willing to try fun new brands that feel absolutely luxe? If the answer to any or all of those questions is a YES, you need KIKO in your life ASAP.

KIKO is “a leading Italian brand of cosmetics, make-up and skin care products. KIKO MILANO offers safe and effective beauty products as well as face and body treatments of the highest quality, created to satisfy women of all ages.” If you have ever been to one of their stores, you will see how incredible their range, variety and displays are. Here are some pictures from my recent visit to the Oxford Circus outlet in London.

IMG_1699 IMG_1700 IMG_1701 IMG_1703

The outlet at Oxford Circus was super crowded, but the staff was extremely helpful despite the chaos. I was on a family vacay with the folks, and my dad was not fascinated at all, so he was kind enough to stand in the long cash queue for me as I hoarded blush and eyeliners to my heart’s content. Here he is (cue: awwww! )


Although I wanted to try a lot of products, I had already bought way too much at Boots and the Selfridges Beauty Hall so I decided to control my emotions. I ended up getting two blushes: a coral blush on offer near the check-out (GBP 3), the Bouncy Blush (cream formula) from the limited edition Rebel Romantic range, and two eye pencils.


I love both blushes. They blend very easily, and they are both very long lasting. The split-colour coraly one is great to mix and match and get a new colour (every day is an adventure), or layer on top of a cream blush as well. The nude eye pencil is great – it is creamy and easy to glide on, and the best thing is that it comes with a little sharpener at the bottom (wohoo!). The other one in blue was a bit disappointing as it was dry and dragged while applying.

I also tried on several lipsticks while I was there, but I was in a rush so I didn’t buy any, which I now regret, because the colour stayed on my lips for a really long time. I have a long wishlist of KIKO products now, including the blush from their new Cosmic Starlets collection, the nail and lip duo from the same, water-infused (??) eye shadow crayons, Glowing Potion Perfecting Serum (out of stock, boohoo 😦 )etc.

KIKO is available in 35+ countries across Europe and also online. Let me know if you have tried it! x


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