15(ish) Steps to a Flawless Face with Huda Beauty

If you follow my instagram, facebook or blog , you already know that I attended the Huda Beauty Master Class earlier in December. The class covered a full face application, with focus on contour (ofcourse!) and baking.

The event overall was well set out, good sponsor interaction, and an AMAZING goodie bag, but it was very chaotic at the end. The good news is that the Huda Beauty management acknowledged this and took immediate actions, and also sent a note after the class with an apology and promise to make improvements for next year!

The class was generally very interactive (but not hands on, sadly), and I tried to follow the key steps to share with all of you to get this before/after transformation:


The above picture was posted by Huda herself on instagram.

 Here are the 15-ish steps to achieving the look:

The focus of the entire class was on Balance and Harmony – the eyebrows, the lips, the cheeks and overall face shape should all complement each other, while also looking good individually

         Skin Prep

  1. You must be bored of hearing this, but “your skin is a canvas” and you need to make sure it is in the right condition to be worked upon. ie. Prep the skin with a scrub or peeling treatment to get rid of dead skin. Huda used the Orogold 24K Multi-Vitamin Peeling. 
  2. Hydrate the skin well to ensure that the makeup goes on well, and also stays on longer. Moisturized skin is also easier to blend products on easily. Something like the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream works great, but you should choose a moisturizer based on your skin type and concerns.
  3. Prep the lips to make them smooth; Huda suggested scrubbing lips with a hot towel, followed by a lip balm, and she swears by the La Mer ‘The Lip Balm’ for everyone.On to Makeup
  4. Start with the eyes
    • Apple a base to the eyelid to absorb extra oils and even out the colour, such as Benefit’s erase paste. Other alternates could be MAC paint pot in Soft Ochre or Urban Decay’s Primer Potion in Eden
    • Take your eyeshadow on a brush, but do not go straight to the eye with a brush. Make sure you blot it on your hand first, to avoid harsh lines or excess colour
    • When applying the crease colour, be sure to use this as a contour step for the eye. Try to assess how balanced your eye looks in terms of size of lid vs. brow bone. For instance, the model had a wider brow bone area as compared to the lid, so Huda applied the crease colour slightly higher, to give an illusion of an equally sized brow and lid.
    • Apple thin layers of the eyeshadow(s) till you achieve the intensity required
  5. Tight line and eyeliner
    Self explanatory, but just one point to note here with regards to eyeliner. Make sure it suits your eye type. For instance, if you have a droopy eye, wing out your eyeliner a little before your actual eye ends.Skin and Face
  6. Skin and colour correction; this is your foundation/concealer routine, and everyone wonders which goes on first. Here’s the order:
    • First apply corrector; this will even out the redness or blue-ness or whatever concerns you have.
    • Then apply foundation; by applying corrector first, you will generally need less foundation as the ‘problem areas’ would have been addressed already
    • Concealer in the end. Read my post on concealers here. In general, tilt your head down to see the darkness under your eyes more clearly and apply the concealer to those areas.
  7.  Contour
    • Press the contour in with cream contour. Only bring the contour down till the corner of your eyes, starting at the tops of the ears
    • Make sure you balance both sides; it is possible that both sides of your face are different depending on which side you sleep on, etc, so your contour may need to go on differently on both cheeks
    • Nose contour: apply contour cream or powder down the bridge of your nose (sides) with a small precise blending brush. Again, make sure the way you contour accentuates your nose shape. You can watch a video of Huda here for more details.
  8. Bake your makeup (undereyes) using a cone sponge that is completely damp.
    What is Baking, you ask? Baking is a highlighting technique using translucent powder to set makeup and to give skin a smooth, creaseless finish that lasts for hours.
    I tried a lighter version of this and I do love it! Watch Huda’s tutorial on baking here
  9. Also set the contour with a darker powder. Huda used the NYX Highlight and Contour Palette for this.
  10. Highlight your cheekbones, cupid’s bow and bridge of the nose. I think Huda used a cream highlight and applied the product with her fingers
  11. Apply bronzer to the perimeters of your face and blush to the apples of your cheeks. Again, make sure you apply in a technique best suited to your face shape
  12. Revisit the nose contour to ensure that it looks well blended and in harmony with the rest of the face
  13. Eyebrows. These are  considered to be the most important in ‘framing’ the face or creating symmetry. Ideally, Huda suggests that the start of the eyebrows should be aligned to the bridge of the nose.
    • Brush through the eyebrows and then use a pencil first to fill in the gaps; only line the bottom of the eyebrows for a more natural look
  14. Finish up the eyes and nose – check the blending, the contours, the colours and any fall-out
  15. Spray on setting mist, such as the Make Up Forever Mist and Fix and let it dry and settle in a little
  16. Time for Lashes
    • Begin by applying mascara to your lashes
    • Pick the false lashes you wish to apply, hold them up against your face/eyes to ensure that the width is suitable; If not, trim the sides as required and apply the lashes
  17. Lips; another tool to balance your face and overall look. For instance, if you feel your lips are too wide for your face, conceal the corners. Alternately, if they are too narrow, outline just the corners slightly (in width, not fullness) but avoid the joker face. Continue with lipstick and lipgloss as per usual

Finishing Touches

18.  Finishing touches take a long time, apparently, and something that a lot of us may overlook. The steps involved here are to recheck the eyes, see if you need to line your waterline (kajal), assess if your highlight needs to be stronger, and even making sure everything is well blended.

Here are some more photos of the event and class

Happy Holidays! x

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