Brand Review: Charlotte Tilbury Makeup

The undisputed queen of makeup, or atleast the smokey eye, Charlotte Tilbury, launched her own range of makeup in 2013  and has been conquering the luxury makeup space since. She is a red carpet favourite, and the ‘Bombshell‘ or ‘Uptown Girl‘ or ‘Golden Goddess‘ looks she creates are not only drool-worthy, but also simple to recreate using her pre-packaged ‘Get the Look‘ sets.


My love affair with CT Makeup started with a Colour Chameleon and the Filmstar Bronze and Glow in 2014, and I was blown away by the packaging.

I was then on the hunt for a brown eyeliner and I tried the Rock n’ Kohl Iconic Liquid Eye Pencil in Barbella Brown, and I am now on my third one. It is, as the kids say, AMAZEBALLS. Soft to apply, perfect texture, blendable, and super long lasting.

I have also raved about the Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder previously (details here), and the Powder and Scuplt brush would be at the top of my if-you-could-only-own-one-brush brush list.

Here is a glance at my current stash of CT Makeup:


Pros and favourites:

  • The packaging; the rose gold, the vintage cases, the bullets on the lipsticks *swoon*
  • Quality of products. You can tell that a lot of thought has gone into developing the products, and it’s like a best-of-everything collection right there. Skincare benefits, ergonomics, pigment, and ease of use, all packed into one.
  • Makeup for dummies. The products are so easy to use, you don’t need complicated brushes or techniques for them. Charlotte (ha! first name basis) has also made them more fool-proof by separating some lines by eye colour (see here) for instance.
  • Favourite products. Rock n’ Kohl eyeliner, Retoucher (Concealer), Powder and sculpt brush, Airbrush flawless finish powder.

Not-so-favourite, or Meh: 

  • Prices; the magic cream is $100!!! I’ll let you take a moment. The brush kit can go up to $320. Gulp
  • Availability. Very exclusively available at Nordstrom only in the US, and online on Beautylish. Still not available in most countries worldwide.
  • Some packaging issues. eg: the cap of the colour chameleons that keeps popping off, leaving it dry. Also, having to sharpen the eye pencil twice a week usually #lazygirlproblems #firstworldproblems right there.

Buy Charlotte Tilbury Makeup at Selfridges (and other locations now) in London, Nordstrom in the US, and Beautylish online for worldwide Shipping. 

Side note:

HOW BEAUTIFUL IS HER NEW STORE AT COVENT GARDEN??? The Beauty Boudoir  is definitely my version of heaven on earth. Serious #goals moment here.


What’s your favourite CT product? x


    • Hey Mehak. They are not available in Dubai in retail, but they can be purchased online through and nordstrom (US). You can also ask a friend/family from the US or UK to bring you some 😉


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