[Instagram] Glass Nail Files

Picked up this glass (crystal?) nail file from Sephora the other day. Very #random purchase and seemed gimmicky but is actually great to use.

Glass nail files are meant to make your nails stronger over time as they have a mild smoothing effect. They are also easy to disinfect due to the glass surface. The crystal nail files are meant to seal the keratin layers together at the edge of the nail, preventing peeling and chipping.

Sephora claims:

The long-lasting crystal file completes any manicure and then easily washes for years of possible use.

The Sephora nail file has a ‘patented’ sticker on it. You can buy one here. Appears to be out of stock online for now, but it is only $10 and I’m sure it’s available in store.

Have you tried one?


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