MakeUp Forever Cult Brush Set

As I was sorting out my drawers and cupboards last weekend, I found some of the beauty/makeup stash I had hidden away from my Huda Beauty MasterClass back in December. Don’t you just love that feeling? It’s like finding some cash in your jeans’ pocket.

One of the beauties I found was this gorgeous MakeUp Forever Cult Brush set that I had kept aside for use at some point in the future.

I believe this was a limited edition Christmas 2015 set, retailing at $86, and now appears to be Out of Stock (sorry!)

This Friday's favourite is the @makeupforeverofficial Cult Brush Set that I got in the @hudabeauty goodie bag. The case might be too loud for me, but the brushes are beautiful! Set includes: 1️⃣ Foundation Brush (106) 2️⃣ Highlighter Brush (152) 3️⃣ Shader Brush (226) 4️⃣ Bent Eyeliner Brush (260) 5️⃣ Angled Eyebrow Brush (270) I would probably get the most use out of the highlighter/Powder brush. The wands of the brushes are wooden, with an edgy cut-off-ish end, and the brush heads are SO silky. I don't want to get these dirty!! #bbloggers #bblogger #dubaibeautyblogger #dubaibeauty #hudabeautymasterclass #MUFE #cult #brush #makeup #mua #dubaimua #dubaiblogger #sephora #red #instabeauty #igersdubai #fridays #ff #projectmakeup #shophudabeauty

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Contents include a red zipped pouch, with individual holders/pockets for each brush, and the following brushes

  • Foundation Brush 106: A medium flat and rounded brush for use over the whole face.
  • Blush Brush 152: A medium rounded and dense brush for the face and body.
  • Eye Shadow Brush 226: A flat, tapered brush for all over eye shadow application.
  • Eyeliner Brush 260: A fine bent brush used to draw a thin line along the lash line.
  • Eyebrow Brush 270: A short and firm angled brush used to fill in eyebrows.

I thought I had found my perfect brush when I got the Wayne Goss brush 02, and I still think it has the perfect shape and size (i’m sure there’s an innuendo in there) but these are much softer/silkier than the WG02 brush. I believe these are made with synthetic fiber, but they feel so silky and light on the skin – incredible.

They also feel really rich and luxurious because of the wooden artistic wands on them.

I feel I will get the most use out of the Blush brush, and the Bent Eyeliner brush.

Have you tried any MUFE brushes? x


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