Skincare Dream Team!



I realized a couple of years ago that if you have healthy, bright, clean skin, half the job (towards looking good) is done!  My real interest into “beauty“, therefore, was through skincare rather than makeup.

Although I try to make an effort to remove my makeup each night, I haven’t been particularly good….till I found these two – the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel and the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel

The Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel is all kinds of awesome – it is a gel like texture – duh – that you rub on to your dry face. I usually remove my eye makeup remover using the Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover, or the Vichy Purete Thermale Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover first, but you can also use this gel to remove (break down) eye makeup.

Once I have massaged this on to the dry face for about 20-30 seconds, I then add some warm water to the mix and rub, and that makes it a bit more foamy. Once i’m bored (10 seconds later), I just rinse my face off with warm water. One important step, however, is to then pat down, or remove any remaining product using a damp cloth or towel. This is because the Oskia cleanser does feel like the product has not fully washed off with just water.

Sometimes, I go in for a second cleanse using the Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel to feel squeaky clean.

Pros: Smells great, your skin feels velvety and plump the following morning.

Cons: Pricey,  makes the eyes sting sometimes, hard to get off without cloth.


Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

In lay man terms, this is a facial oil, with ‘distilled botanicals’ (whatever that is), which, for me, is a miracle product. I know there has been a lot of hype around it for many years now, and having used it for 2 months I can safely say – rightly so!

I usually take about 3-4 drops of this in my palm after cleansing, and pat it over the face. The oil feels a bit slippery at first, but it quickly absorbs, leaving behind a wonderful glow. Kiehl’s claims that it is meant to leave the skin looking healthier and smoother, and I definitely feel that it does and I have noticed improvement in the texture of my skin (mainly under my eyes) after using this.

I love the smell and the feel so much that I sometimes cheat and use it in the mornings as well.

Pros: Smells really good, easy to use through the dropper, a little goes a long way

Cons: You need a separate concentrate for the day, and for the night, pricey product.

These two products have made their way into my heart and routine so well that I sometimes force myself out of bed at night, and motivate myself to remove my makeup and cleanse, because I know how wonderful my skin will smell and feel.



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