Aldo Shoe Repair Service

We all have that old pair of shoes, jeans, shirt or makeup that we dread wearing out or running out of. Atleast I do, but then again, I clearly have a hoarding problem as well (details here).

I have this pair of black high-heel shoes from ALDO – pretty standard – but the angle, height, fit, the comfort, the price is (was) all perfect for my liking.

aldo shoes

However, recently this is what they started looking like this – (please excuse the nasty soles)


The heel caps had worn out, making them dangerous to walk in, with the rounded steel edge causing me to almost slip several times. I really couldn’t find another shoe that fit as well, so I wanted to try and salvage this pair.

I figured it was worth a try to take the shoes back to ALDO and ask if they would be able to send the pair back to their service centre. To my delight, they agreed to take the pair in, without any proof of purchase or receipt. Additionally, there were no charges, and I got the shoes back in two weeks.

Here is the final result

aldo black shoes

And a Before/After shot, because who doesn’t like those? …

aldo black shoes

You can find your nearest Aldo store in the UAE here.

I am a happy camper! x

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