Review: Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate


Can we take a moment to appreciate how cute the name is? Re(Marc)able. Remarkable. Get it? Now that that’s out of my system, moving on…

The Marc Beauty line in general is gorgeous, and I remember being really amused by the HUGE bronzer that they had launched a few years ago. I had heard good things about the line in general, and I got tempted at Sephora to pick this up about a month ago.

First of all, it is not a ‘Foundation’ foundation, but as the name suggests, it is more of a concentrate. Super duper pigmented, the product claims that it will offer full coverage for up to 24 hours. I have been wearing this for about 3-4 days each week, and here are my thoughts.

Colour Range and Texture 

Comes in 22 colours, ranging from pale to dark/deep tones. I picked up the Beige Light (32) and although it’s a tiny bit light for me, I think it works well once the entire makeup is applied.

The foundation concentrate is free of Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates, if you care. The texture is very runny and liquidy, sort of like the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops


I have tried this foundation on its own, with a primer, without a primer, mixed in with a BB Cream, and with/without concealer.

As you can see from the photos below (absolutely no filter), it is definitely high coverage. It covered all the redness, and that irritating pimple around my lip. It also goes over the sun spots very well, and I noticed that I did not even need concealer with this most of the time.

marc jacobs remarcable foundation Beige Light

Here’s how it looks in natural day light…


…and here’s what it looks like under florescent indoor light


It obviously does not look as light or natural as a BB cream, but it is definitely not as detectable as I would expect from such a high coverage foundation.

It lasts for a good 6 to 8 hours on the skin, however, I feel like it makes my T-zone a bit oily in the first few hours. Also, I think it starts to get really dry after a few hours, and adds to the texture around my eyes (already dry!).

I actually just took my makeup off yesterday in Sephora when I saw my face in the mirror after wearing this all day, and have been really put-off since then.


It is essential to shake this well before use so that the pigment can distribute evenly. Also, as suggested by the lady at the counter, and the countless reviews I have seen, this product is best applied with a brush. I used my Real Techniques Expert Face brush, but other alternates are Marc Jacobs Beauty Face III Brush, and the Zoeva Flat Top Kabuki 118.

Start with applying 3-4 drops over your face, and blend that out. You really do not need more than that. If you feel you still need more, go in with another drop or two on specific areas.

marc jacobs remarcable foundation


This foundation retails for USD55, and AED220 in Sephora Middle East.

There are cheaper products on the market that are really good in terms of coverage and performance (not as long lasting), such as the L’Oreal Infallible Matt ( USD25 / AED89), or the NARS Sheer Glow (USD45), which is slightly different in texture.

However, given how little you need to use each time, and the coverage/lasting power, I don’t think this is too highly priced. If you are confused, I would definitely pick this up either at a Duty Free, or during one of the Sephora VIB / Black Card member sales (20% off till 16th April).

VERDICT: I will be giving this foundation a break for the next few months, and only use it for special events or days where I need high coverage.

I might mix in a few drops of this with my BB cream to add coverage occassionally. If you are using it on its own, and have normal to dry skin, be sure to use a good primer or oil underneath before applying this product.

I would rate this around 6.5 on 10. Not that bad, huh? x


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