Al Barari: Heart & Soul Spa Review

I have been a fan of The Farm restaurant at Al Barari for a long time. It used to be one of the ‘hidden gems’ of Dubai, and was a true escape from the chaos of the city. It still has the great ambience and food, but it’s not as much of a secret anymore. So, ofcourse I was very excited when I got a voucher to the Heart & Soul Spa (also at Al Barari) with one of my monthly Glambox deliveries.

I posted briefly about my experience on instagram previously (here) but I wanted to add some more details in this post. Let’s get started…

Booking an appointment

The menu for the spa services is all available online, and it took me a while to finalize which service I wanted to opt for because they all sounded so good! From ‘jet lag’ massages, to herbal treatments, facials, Swedish toxicleanse and more, the H&S Spa has a lot to offer.

The booking process was fairly easy – just a call, with no long call waiting. I managed to get an appointment for my desired time, too.

Getting there

The Spa is located in Al-Barari, which is just off (old) Emirates Road E311. It is somewhere near Arabian Ranches/Global Village if you are familiar with Dubai, and the map can be found here.

Al-Barari feels extraordinary and serene as soon as you take the exit – exhibit below. It is unlike any other location in Dubai, and the spa and restaurant are located about 2KMs in.


Massage Day

I was running late for my appointment, but I phoned in an got my appointment moved by 15 minutes. Unfortuntely, I still had to wait 30 minutes for my appointment to begin. I’m not sure if this is because my change in schedule had a domino effect, or whether this is common practice.

Here are some pictures:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I had booked the Jet Lag massage; my therapist escorted me to the changing room, provided me with all the information and waited patiently while I changed and admired the facility.

Once we got to the therapy room, the therapist explained the treatment to me and I was also given an option to select the oil I prefer (in terms of scent). The overall massage was excellent! One of the best I have had. The rooms were quiet, with good music playing, and the adjacent facilities (shower, etc.) were also impressive.

After the massage (60 mins), the therapist left me to relax, and offered to bring me tea while I wait in the relaxation ‘lounge’. Unfortunately, I had somewhere to be, so I declined.


At AED450, I think the H&S Spa had good value for money to offer for the 60 minute treatment. It’s not the cheapest, but it’s also not as expensive as some of the high-end spas around here. The staff was courteous, they didn’t try to push products on to me to purchase, the facility was quiet and clean, and the actual treatment was heavenly.

I would definitely go back to treat myself.




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