High-end Primers: Becca vs. Marc Jacobs

I posted a Sephora haul a few weeks ago (here), and two items I was most excited about were the Marc Jacobs Under(cover) Perfecting Coconut Face Primer, and the Becca Backlight Priming Filter.

Shall we back up for a minute and talk about primers in general?

A primer is to be applied after your skincare and moisturizer, but right before your makeup, and its job is exactly that – to prime (or prepare) your skin for makeup. There are several primers available for different requirements – blurring pores, moisturizing dry skin, or mattifying oily skin, reducing redness, or colour correction in general.

You can find primers by most brands these days, across all price brackets, depending on what your budget is.

For now, here are my thoughts on the two high-end primers I had heard so much about, I knew I just had to try them!

marc jacobs primer

Marc Jacobs Under(cover) Coconut Perfecting Face Primer ($44 for 1 oz.)

This one has five types of coconuts, apparently (I didn’t even know there were more than two types), and it claims to smooth the skin and extend the wear of makeup. It’s supposed to be vitamin rich, hydrating and breathable.

I would have to say that I agree with the claims above. I have tried applying this directly on to the face, and mixing it with my favourite foundations and BB Creams, and I can confirm that it definitely improves texture of the skin and foundation. The coconut base makes the product feel very refreshing and cooling, too. It sinks into the skin very quickly and does not leave any kind of cast.

However, I do see that I am running out of this fairly quickly and at the $44 price tag, I am not sure how quickly I would like to replenish it. Also, it does contain a bit of silicone, so if that is something you dislike, you might want to stay clear.

Best for: Hydrating, refreshing and smoothing.

Dupes: Too Faced Hangover Primer ($32 for 1.35 oz. at Sephora.com). I haven’t seen any alternates with coconut water yet at the drugstore.

Becca Backlight Priming Filter ($38 for 1 oz.)

I love Becca products and my recent love affair with the blushes and highlighters is no secret. When I heard several beauty bloggers rave about the backlight priming filter, I was sure this would be perfect. This product claims to help blur imperfections and add glow, thanks to “three unique Filtering Luminescent Pearls” (fancy!).

I’m on the fence about this one. I think I applied way too much the first time, and it left my skin looking strange. The glow kind of turned into a grey cast and I felt really conscious all day. It also seemed to exaggerate my pores, as with all radiance primers.

Next time, I decided to take the tiniest amount, and then mixed it in with my Marc Jacobs primer (above) or even into my foundation. I didn’t see much of a difference, but some colleagues at work commented that I looked fresh, like I had had a facial. So I guess it did add a natural glow that’s more visible to others. It may also be good applied over foundation, as a liquid highlight. It’s not a bad product, but I feel like there are definitely similar products on the market.

Best for: Dry skin, or a tiny amount added into the moisturizer or foundation.

Dupes: L’Oreal Paris Lumi Magique Primer ($12), Laura Mercier Radiance Primer ($36 for 1.7 oz.), Body Shop InstaGlow ($15)

For reference, here’s how much of each i would use.



Have you tried these primers, or do you have any recommendations? x


  1. […] Face I packed my favourite Dior BB Cream for a natural look (comes with SPF 20), and also kept the L’Oreal Infallible foundation for if/when I needed a more medium to full coverage that’s long lasting. Another deciding factor was the packaging – I figured it would be easy to carry the tube, rather than the glass bottle (such as L’Oreal True Match). You could use the BB Cream as a primer, but I packed primer from Marc Jacobs because I am obsessed with it (full review here). […]


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