Review: Huda Beauty Lip Contour

Huda beauty lip contour

Everyone and their cats have been lining up to buy the Huda Beauty Lip Contour, and it has been out of stock everywhere. Instagram is flooded with tutorials, it’s on Huda’s snapchat every day, and it’s apparently been one of the biggest launches for ever. Apparently, the lines are Sephora in Dubai Mall were so chaotic that mall security had to be called in.

All of the above is enough to make anyone curious, let alone a makeup junkie like me. Huda claimed that this stays on her lips for more than 7-8 hours without a need to reapply, so when it was back in stock for a day here in Dubai, I knew I had to try it. I got the shade Gossip Gurl, which is described as a “cute everyday pink“.

What is the lip contour? It’s basically a super pigmented lip liner, that can be used as an overall lip colour, too.

Here’s what the lip contour looks like, applied on its own. No filters.



Here’s the Lip Contour, paired with a Burberry Nude Pink lip gloss.


On application, the product does not drag over a lip balm, and it’s easy to work with, and the pigment is quite strong.

Not sure if I am doing anything wrong, or if my face just likes to eat the product up, but here’s what my face looked like 2 hours after application. I only had a glass of water to drink in the meantime. GONE. DRY.



Is it a good product? Emm, sort of. It applies well over a lip balm, or as a lip liner, but it feels drying once applied, and I feel like it accentuates the lip lines (wrinkles?).

Does it last long on the lips? No. Atleast not mine. The Urban Decay Glide-on Lip Pencil lasts longer and feels better and costs the same ($20).

Would I buy another colour? Possibly, the Bombshell shade.

Would I stand in line for it? DEFINITELY NOT.

There’s a liquid lipstick coming out, too. The “world’s lightest, most hydrating one, apparently. Preview from Snapchat below.


It appears to be out of stock in most colours everywhere, but once back in stock, it can be purchased at, Cult Beauty and Sephora stores in UAE.


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