Tried & Tested: Liquid Lipsticks

As it turns out, I have been building up quite an arsenal of liquid lipsticks, one lippy at a time. I figured that since I have gathered atleast one each from the more popular brands, I should do a review / thoughts and swatches for any newbies (like me), who may be overwhelmed by the choices out there, or just curious.


What are liquid lipsticks and what do they do? 

Liquid lipsticks have the packaging and texture of a lipgloss, but when applied, they are very pigmented and tend to dry down matte, and claim to be long lasting. They tend to be drying, generally.

Tip: You must exfoliate your lips before applying these, or wear a lip balm (or both), otherwise they might appear flaky and super dry.

Quick thoughts on each brand

Sephora (Cream Lip Stain, $14, 14 shades)
Easy to apply, lasts a long time, easily available at any Sephora outlet globally. Some shades are a little shimmery and leave behind glitter on the lips once faded.

Jouer (Long Wear Lip Creme, $18, 20 shades)
Full review here. Smells great, very pigmented, lasts a good 3-4 hours. Leaves behind an outline once it starts to fade.

Colour Pop (Ultra Matte Lip, $6, 47 shades)
All the rave online, but limited availability so it’s difficult to gauge the colours. I read the reviews and comments mostly and then decided which ones I wanted to order. Great quality, great price, and lasts fairly long as well. Also, Colour Pop’s “sister” company makes the Kylie Lip kits so this is supposed to be a dupe for it.
Read the controversial posts here.

MAC (Retro Matte Liquid Lip Colour, $20, 20 shades)
Personally, I am not a big fan of MAC, purely because of the poor customer service we get here. This is a decent product, strong pigment, stays nicely too and I don’t find it drying. However, this particular shade is a bit pale so I usually layer it with some other brighter shades. My detailed post here.

Anastasia Beverly Hills (Liquid Lipstick, $20, 27 shades)
The instagram favourite! We’ve all seen tutorials with these, and all the beauty gurus like Nikki Tutorials and Wayne Goss rave about them. I got the shade Crush, and it definitely seems to live up to the hype – very light, pigmented and long lasting.

Kat Von D (Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, $20, 28 shades)
The Lolita is the most popular colour, but I find that a bit too brown for me. I got the colour LoveSick and initially I applied a very thick layer, which was very sticky and tacky. However, I soon realized that for this product, a very thin layer is the way to go. Once it dries, more layers can be applied over the top.
It’s comfortable to wear and lasts a good 4 hours, after which it starts to fade, but evenly. However, availability is limited to selected Sephora outlets and the good shades are usually out of stock.

NYX (Soft Matte Lip Cream, $6, 12 shades)
This is more of a hybrid between a lip gloss and a liquid lipstick, but it is so good! It smells delicious, and it feels very velvety on the lips (not too dry), although it sets matte. It lasts for a good 3 hours too, but it moves easily. For the $6 price tag, I think it’s a great buy.

Swatches – Just applied


liquid lipstick
L-R: Sephora Lip Cream (Orange), Jouer Matt Lip Creme (Petal de Rose), Color Pop (Solow), Sephora Lip Cream (14 Pink), MAC Retro Matt (Lady Be Good), Anastasia Beverly Hills (Crush), Kat Von D (Love Sick), NYX Soft Matt Lip Cream (Stockholm)

Swatches – Dried


Swatches – Smeared 


To summarize, here’s what I think

  • Most comfortable to wear: Sephora Lip Cream, Kat Von D (thin layer), Anastasia Beverly Hills
  • Most long lasting: Anastasia Beverly Hills
  • Most pigmented: Jouer Lip Creme and Colour Pop
  • Best for layering: Sephora Lip Cream (pink), MAC Retro Matt (nude shades)
  • Best value for money: Colour Pop
  • Widest colour range: Colour Pop
  • Honorary Mention: Urban Decay Revolution Lip gloss, which is not pictured above because it lives in my bag. The colour Liar is absolute perfection – formula, longevity, and colour

Here are some other pictures of me wearing the liquid lipsticks

Anastasia Beverly Hills Crush
Anastasia Beverly Hills Crush
kat von d lovesick
Kat Von D LoveSick


jouer lipstick
Jouer Lip Creme – Petal de Rose
mac lady be good
MAC Retro Matt in Lady Be Good


What are some of your favourites? x


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