How to Smell Great all Day

With Eid just around the corner (and today, in some countries), and with us being at the peak of summer and humidity, I thought I would share my top tips of how I try to smell nice and fresh all day long…

Let’s face it – there’s very little (if anything) less attractive than Body Odour! …

Someone once told me something that stuck with me:

Common sense is like Deodorant; those who need it most don’t use it…


In no particular order…

  1. Shower & Hygiene
    It may seem like the most obvious thing to do, but believe me, it’s not as common as we think. If you just take a shower everyday and do nothing else, you will most likely get rid of any smells lingering around. It literally takes 5-7 minutes, people!

    Also remember to wear clean clothes! Make sure you let you clothes air out before you put them back in your cupboard, or give them a good wash – ofcourse. It defeats the purpose if you shower and put on a smelly cardigan. Do the sniff test – we’ve all done that. Just smell your clothes before putting them on and then decide.

  2. Layer on the scents…
    The trick to smelling good is obviously using the right products. You may use one or all of these. I like to do the latter, because I feel like it locks in the smells better.
    – Use a shower gel / soap / scrub in the shower depending on the kind of scents you prefer – floral? cotton fresh? minty? citrus? There’s something for everyone
    – Put on some deodorant
    – Spray on some body mist while your skin is still a little damp
    – Apply a body lotion all over to lock is the body mist and also moisturize your skin. You can match this to the shower gel to accentuate, or you can apply something different.

    The smell also permeates through your clothes in this case and leaves them smelling fresh all day long

  3. Invest in a good perfume
    Again, as per your preference, I would strongly advise you to invest in atleast one perfume as these are more concentrated and last longer. You could do a light cologne from something like Jo Malone, or go for your usual Chanel, Dior, Marc Jacobs, YSL or other plethora of brands out there. Some might prefer alcohol free or oud scents, too.  

    Spritz a few sprays around the back of your ears, nape of the neck (it travels into your hair too, then), insides of the elbows, or wherever else you want.


  4. Beware of your environment
    I feel like this factor goes unnoticed a lot of times. If you are cooking, the smell of spices is likely to creep into your hair and clothes, and you will smell of it all day long. Similarly, if you are eating at certain restaurants that have a strong aroma, it is likely to get into your hair as well.

    So – plan your day. Cook first, then shower…or atleast change after you are done with these errands.

  5. Freshen up
    Have a quick check after 5-6 hours have passed since you first got ready. Blot your face, smell your clothes, use some refreshing towelettes or wipes to freshen up your décolletage, arms, or any other area and then spray your favourite scent again.

    While you’re at it, you may also want to freshen up that lipstick 😉

Have a great summer, a blessed Eid, and please use both – your common sense and a deodorant 🙂


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