Budget Beauty Find & Eyeliner Tricks!

I am almost never spotted without liquid liner, and it is also probably the makeup product I have been applying the longest (refer to any of my instagram photos).

After a lot of trial and error, I picked Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner (US$20) as my favourite liquid eyeliner – super black, easy to apply, long lasting…

…Or so I thought. I recently discovered the Essence Superfine Liner on my US trip, and it costs just US$ 2.99! I have not used my Kat Von D eyeliner in 2 months, and this $3 liner takes the top spot. Although it has a felt tip (I prefer a brush), it is so long that it offer excellent flexibility, and lasts 24 hours too at times (don’t ask how I know).

I am going to get as many backups as I can, and SOON!

Photographing eyeliner is much more challenging than I thought, but here’s how the Essence liner looks applied on the lids:


I don’t want to claim to be a pro, but here’s how I manage to apply my eyeliner perfectly

  • Stand super close to the mirror. The best way I find is to stand in front of a full length wall mirror, or one that you can stand very close to. So close that you can even rest your elbow on it to get a steady hand. Difficult to explain – just try it
  • Look straight when applying your liner to get the most even line. Try to lift your head slightly, pointing your chin outwards but still looking straight. This ensures you are looking down but can still see what you’re doing in the mirror in front of you
  • Use a brush type that works for you – everyone has a different preference when it comes to the easiest brush to use. Some prefer felt tips, while others prefer a classic brush tip. Use whatever you think is easiest to control, specially as a starter
  • Layer eyeliners to get the right colour / texture – I found applying the eyeliner with one product much simpler, but I preferred the look of the other, which wasn’t as easy / long lasting. So, I started to layer them. I apply the base line with the product that is easier to use, and I then apply a layer of the other liquid liner over it to get the true black colour and effect that I like (not fully matte, but not glossy either).
    You can also do this with gel liners or pencils
  • Apply mascara first, specially if you end up with a very thick line even when you intended to put on a thin one. I started doing this recently, and it helps to get a natural everyday eyeliner on as the mascara makes the lashes act as a sort-of boundary

None of this may make much sense as just words – but you will know what I mean once you try it. Let me know how it works! x


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